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Good health and well-being Natural Sciences News

Older people in Denmark were mostly worried about other people getting infected with COVID-19

During the pandemic and the ensuing restrictions, the general picture in Denmark has been that older people have been much more worried about other people getting sick than they have been worried about themselves. Many were also worried about not...
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Good health and well-being Natural Sciences News No poverty Social Sciences

COVID-19’s extra torture on Kenya’s elderly

In the thick trees on the outskirts of Kisumu City in Kenya, a hut is as isolated as the 76-year-old woman who owns and lives in it alone. Without a child of her own, Mary Atieno had called people "son"...
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Good health and well-being Natural Sciences News No poverty

“Up here, it is as if the pandemic did not exist”

Seeing the capital from up here, in the hills high above the rooftops, our perspective changes. The distance is small, but mentally, this is another world. We’re in the neighbourhood of El Pilar – in the outskirts of Quito, high...
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News Social Sciences

Maria Eriksson-Baaz: ”We should reformulate development studies as a field that mainly analyses the vast development industry and really work at globalizing the other disciplines” earlier covered the intervention of Professor Maria Eriksson-Baaz, Uppsala University, Sweden, during the roundtable ”Development Thinking in Flux - Continuity and/or Change” at the DevRes 2021 Conference. In this interview, Maria Eriksson-Baaz responds in writing to a series of...
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News Social Sciences

The Neo-Colonialism in Development Studies

Despite the Global South being the breeding ground for research in development studies, there is a marked underrepresentation of researchers from the region in the field. This entails, the research risk of missing the local perspective—a phenomenon which some experts...
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Applied Sciences Good health and well-being News

The Pandemic Threatens Mental Health in Denmark and in the North

Isolation and loneliness during the lockdown has caused depressions and anxiety, especially among young people – but others with psychiatric diagnoses have experienced less pressure and actually felt relieved.Fear of being infected has forced many people in Denmark with a...
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Applied Sciences Decent work and economic growth News

Covid resilience project brings life to the informal shea sector in Ghana

‘’Our centre was empty then. No orders, no money’’, reflects Mariam, a 17 year old girl from the Ntereso community in Northern Ghana, on how miserable life had been when the COVID emerged. An early school dropout, Mariam is one...
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News Opinions Partnerships for the goals Social Sciences

Globalize the disciplines! Decolonize development studies!

What is left of “development” with an ever-expanding development agenda through the SDGs? What does the expansion mean for our understanding of “development” and “development research”?
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Art and Humanities Peace, justice and strong institutions Reviews

A magnificent and captivating exhibition

April 21st this year the museum by the name Louisiana that is located in Humlebæk, North of Copenhagen, opened a new exhibition by the artist and cinematographer[1] Arthur Jafa. The exhibition continues until October 31st  2021. The title of the...
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Opinions Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences

Humans and Waste: Reconfiguring the city through recycling

For almost a decade, in the center of the city of Copenhagen, a community has established themself in the area of «Fredens Havn» (Port of Peace) or " Pirate Port", as some have called it. These group of ships and...
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