Seminar and webinar: Global Sustainable Production. Research and Practical Approaches

Time: Friday 17 December 2021, 14.00-16.40 ONLINE ONLY, send e-mail to and receive the Zoom link

Venue: Ellehammer Seminar room (see location below)

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Campusvej 55, Odense.

Engineering Faculty, TECH Building 42, Level 2, Seminar room

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Danish Development Research Network ( invites you to a seminar series to inspire students and young people at large to actively contribute to one or more of the UN SDGs via immediate action and/or research for thesis work.

At University of Southern Denmark, you will meet two assistant professors from SDU Global Sustainable Production and SDU UAS Centre (Unmanned Aerial Systems) respectively, presenting core aspects of their current research. In line with the UN SDG 8, the research focusses on how inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all may be achieved in industry. In line with the UN SDG 16, the ethics involved in applying drone technology are brought forward.

Inspired by the approach of the two research projects, you are invited to a brainstorming session to identify smaller scale research initiatives, e.g., in the form of thesis work or as practical interventions for immediate action.


14.00-14.05  Welcome by Professor Morten Birkved, SDU Life Cycle Assessment Centre

14.05-14.45  Associate Professor David Hansen, SDU Global Sustainable Production, explains about the focus of the section on development of global production and innovation networks and how they can become more sustainable. How can synergies between operational performance and sustainability be achieved? David tells about the Occupational safety and health and productivity in the garment industry in Bangladesh.

14.45-14.55  Q & A

14.55-15.35  Associate Professor Dylan Cawthorne, UAS Centre (Unmanned Aerial Systems), explains about his drone project in Ghana being implemented jointly with Engineers without Borders and discusses the ethics involved in applying drone technology. Dylan further introduces his strategies for practical student activation in engineering education.

15.35-15.55  Q & A

15.45-16.00  Refreshments

16.00-16.30  Brainstorming ideas of practical intervention: Thesis topics and/or immediate action

16.30-16.40  Conclusion by Morten Birkved                                               Supported by        

Ellehammer seminar room