Sexual violence against refugees – South Sudanese women and girls in the Bidibidi settlement, Uganda

Women and girls fleeing from conflict or crisis areas mostly experience or witness crimes and violence in their home country as well as during the transit stage of their demanding journey to other countries. However, many of them are at increased risk of violence, particularly sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) in the receiving country too, as this type of violence is an ever-present danger in any humanitarian crises. Hereby, especially the female refugees are at high risk of multiple discriminations ascribing the theory of intersectionality.

Equity and gender equality after Covid19 – Lockdown violence and cashless cities under the pandemic

Sexual violence and violence against women more broadly have surged worldwide during the Covid19 crisis. In this article Nickolas A. Kirchert asks anthropologist Atreyee Sen to assess the goal of equity and gender equality in India after Covid19