Upcoming research: Accountability – What makes people do the right thing all the time?

Nadeem Salie is currently a guest researcher in the Centre for Global Criminology at the Department of Anthropology. The centre is a research organisation independent from policy or law enforcement agencies. In 2015, Nadeem came to Copenhagen as a Visiting PhD Researcher, and spent seven months at UCPH’s Department of Anthropology. Nadeem returned to UCPH in December 2016 to complete his research. Nadeem was awarded his PhD in Law from the University of Cape Town in 2018

From coca to cacao agroforestry – a sustainable livelihood strategy in the Peruvian Amazon

‘’Plato or Plumo’’. There is no other way I could start this article than by mentioning the famous intimidating words of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who reigned not just Colombia but entire Latin America in the 1970s. It literally translates as ‘Silver (bribes) or Lead (bullets)’ in Spanish. The phrase itself says how ruthless the drug cartels were in those times. More than two decades after his death, cocaine still lurks as a livelihood strategy for many households in the region.

Equity and gender equality after Covid19 – Lockdown violence and cashless cities under the pandemic

Sexual violence and violence against women more broadly have surged worldwide during the Covid19 crisis. In this article Nickolas A. Kirchert asks anthropologist Atreyee Sen to assess the goal of equity and gender equality in India after Covid19

Farmer-herder conflicts in Ghana: repercussions on livelihoods and state-building

How is it like to live a life in a country where there is a complex and dynamic tenure system which always leads to tensions between the farmers and the herders? Relishing the Danish summer, Suhiyini Issah Alhassan, and Daniel Kojo Leon Brenya Yeboah, talk about their DANIDA funded Ph.D. project on the recurring farmer-herder conflicts in Ghana that has worsened over the past few decades.

New research 2021: How do the young in West Africa navigate streams of information in times of crises?

The Independent Research Fund Denmark – Humanities has granted DKK 1.2 mill. to an international network of researchers, who will explore how young people in West Africa navigate streams of information in crises of security, health, and migration. Project leader: Heidi Bojsen, Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University

New research 2021: Illegal resource extraction and state formation in emerging African democracies

The Independent Research Fund Denmark – Social Sciences has granted DKK 2,7 mill. to Postdoc Paul Austin Stacey, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University.
Illegally accessed resources comprise an expanding, billion-dollar sector in many sub-Saharan African countries. The new project is focusing on illegal gold mining in Ghana.

Ethnographic Research: One Man’s Long Journey to PhD

Sulayman Mpisi Babiiha’s PhD experience represents the epitome of perseverance of an academic. His account is touching, but because he speaks with so much calmness, I can take it in with some ease. He has been pursuing his PhD certificate for ten years and he won’t give up the hope yet.