El resurgimiento de las “ollas comunes” en Chile: solidaridad en tiempos de pandemia

Durante 2020, debido al avance del COVID-19, personas de barrios populares de Chile han estado organizando “ollas comunes” como una forma de asegurar alimentación a su comunidad. Vecinos, amigos, familias del mismo barrio que sufren por el desempleo y la precariedad laboral debido a la pandemia, han fortalecido este sistema de distribución de alimentos para asegurar una comida diaria a miles de familias en todo el país.

The resurgence of “Ollas Comunes” in Chile: Solidarity in times of pandemic

During 2020, due to the advance of COVID-19, people from popular neighborhoods in Chile have been organizing  “Ollas Comunes” or “Soup Kitchen” as a way to provide meals to the community. Neighbors, friends, families from the same area who suffer from unemployment and sickness due to the pandemic, get organized and start again this historic food distribution system to ensure daily meals to thousands of families across the country.

Same sky, different insights: Danish-Chilean research collaboration on astronomy

Chile has outstanding geographical and climatic qualities to do research in astronomy. Denmark has great resources and human capital to do cutting edge scientific research. Even though Chile and Denmark are 12.724 kilometres apart, if you look deeper, you can find great research and scientific collaboration between both countries.

Helene Risør: Traces of a Danish anthropologist at the end of the world

Helene Risør, an academic from the School of Anthropology at the Catholic University of Chile, has spent more than ten years away from Denmark. At the University of Copenhagen, Helene Risør, finished her PhD in Social Anthropology, in 2010. Currently, the majority of her research revolves around the social and political life of one of the southernmost countries in the world, Chile.