The new Mr Kerala opens up the pathway for transgender bodybuilding in India

Coming from India, I was gladdened to see plenty of rainbow flags flying everywhere in Copenhagen during the just concluded Worldpride 2021. Never in my mind had I imagined a pride parade drawing in such a large crowd. From kids to oldies, people cheered for the LGBTI+ communities by painting rainbows on their faces and wrapping themselves in rainbow flags. Promising inclusivity, the events marked their support for the LGBTI+ communities in Copenhagen and the world over.

Mbete Youth Football Project sets the ball rolling in rural Zambia

African footballers have always enthralled the English Premier League fans, but have you ever thought of the hardships that they had to endure to reach up to that stage. Football is not just a sport for the youth in Africa but a way for them to escape poverty. As the founder of the Mbete Youth Football Project, Buster Emil Kirchner shares his experience coaching the rural youth in Mbete, Zambia.

From coca to cacao agroforestry – a sustainable livelihood strategy in the Peruvian Amazon

‘’Plato or Plumo’’. There is no other way I could start this article than by mentioning the famous intimidating words of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who reigned not just Colombia but entire Latin America in the 1970s. It literally translates as ‘Silver (bribes) or Lead (bullets)’ in Spanish. The phrase itself says how ruthless the drug cartels were in those times. More than two decades after his death, cocaine still lurks as a livelihood strategy for many households in the region.

Can a pest species earn you more than the principal crop?

In October 2020, Krishnanunni Mavinkal Ravindran defended his Master thesis at Dept. of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen. In this article, he tells about the fieldwork experience in Ghana. Krishnanunni studied the contribution of an edible pest species – shea caterpillars – to rural livelihoods in Ghana and the accessibility constraints associated with its harvest.

Farmer-herder conflicts in Ghana: repercussions on livelihoods and state-building

How is it like to live a life in a country where there is a complex and dynamic tenure system which always leads to tensions between the farmers and the herders? Relishing the Danish summer, Suhiyini Issah Alhassan, and Daniel Kojo Leon Brenya Yeboah, talk about their DANIDA funded Ph.D. project on the recurring farmer-herder conflicts in Ghana that has worsened over the past few decades.